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CREATELED's VBD-P based on COB + Ebony technology, double protection, double secure, moisture-proof and dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-static, anti-stress and anti-collision, high stability.
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CREATELED's Flip-chip LED display VBD-P series based on common cathode Ebony technology, Ultra high reliability. Higher brightness performance with efficient heat dissipation, unprecedented wide viewing angle,

Delivering the ultimate visual experience in indoor applications

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CreateLED Electronics-VBD-P06.jpg Mini Common Cathode LED display based on All Flip-chip COB + Ebony technology,


• Higher Stability and Reliability

• Higher Contrast Ratio

• Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance

• Wider view angle, 170° (horizontal and vertica).

• Wider Color Gamut



Fine pitch seamless LED display within stunning visual experience

Wider view angle, 170° horizontally and vertically.
Pixel-by-pixel calibration technology guarantee higher color fidelity and uniformity.

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Ultra-High Reliability

Chip-on-board packaging with Ebony technology providing dual protection of the panel.

Anti-collision, dust proof and water proof of the module.

Non holder design increases the life time.






CreateLED Electronics-VBD-P08.jpg Energy-saving with Efficient Heat Dissipation

Non holder design provides energy saving solution compare to traditional SMD products.

Wider heat dissipation area leading great performance of heat dissipation.

Common Cathode technology leading a 20% reduce of power consumption at same brightness.





Unlimited Vision and Possibilities

Fine pixel pitch 0.83, 1.25, 1.66; the 4 :4.5 aspect ratio panel allow native 2k/4k pixel to pixel resolution.

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Benifit of MicroLED dvLED

99% of black with MicroLED dvLED
Smaller Fill Factor
More deep black
Better white color uniformity
Higher Yield of Rate: >99.99999%
3 times production efficiency than COB
1/3 FAB cost innovation



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