Control and Command Rooms

LED Display walls can be used in many situations and have countless uses, but one of the most common is in Control Rooms. Whether it is a television production studio, transportation facility, or data center, LED Screens increase efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction in control rooms and are a must-have addition.

LED display applications in control rooms go beyond simply a digital display wall. Organizations can work with CreateLED to find the perfect digital solution to meet their needs. For example, if you have a smaller organization or do not need to display as much information at one time, you could use just a few screens in your control room, rather than entire wall. Or, consider creating a wrapped pillar with digital displays. When deciding how to use LED screens in your control room, think about what uses the screens have and how much room you have to work with

Because CreateLED digital displays are customizable, the possibilities for their uses are limitless. Many control rooms use LED display walls to feature real time data, project and analyze video footage, or organize and display information. For example, a security control room may use a digital display wall to show live video of an entire property at one time. By being able to see everything at one time, the organizations that use LED screens will benefit by understanding lots of data in one picture, making more informed decisions, and being able to make data-driven decisions quickly.

CreateLED offers an entire lineup of LED displays for organizations to choose from. When it comes to control rooms, the AirTV and AirMAG displays are a great place to start. AirTV is perfect for control rooms because it offers a wide viewing angle, so the entire room can benefit from the display. It also is light and slim, taking up minimal space. The AirMAG also boasts a wide viewing angle and lightweight design. In addition, the AirMAG is serviceable from the front, making it easy to maintain quickly.

Implementing AirTV and AirMAG displays into your control room is essential for organizations looking to bring their decision making and productivity to the next level. Installing the indoor LED displays is a painless process and your team can benefit from the installation right away.

Organizations, large and small, can all enjoy the use of a digital display in their space. For larger control rooms, there is more flexibility to implement a digital screen wall or choose a select space for displaying the LED screens. In a smaller control room, organizations can still use LED displays. CreateLED works with each organization individually to find the control room digital display solution that fits their needs and enhances the workplace.

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