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Talent is the foundation of all business group. Adhere to the inside of the cultivation of talent selection mechanism, establish to behavior, ability and performance for the combination of talent evaluation mechanism, strengthen the talent incentive and restraint, and provide a entrepreneurial team of professional managers for the group’s international career.

HR Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in CreateLED. We hope you find the perfect fit and we encourage you to apply today.Colleges and universities are the cradle of training talents, the addition of a large number of outstanding graduates, not only for the CreateLED bring wisdom and knowledge. Read more…

Learning and Development

CreateLED Group has been paying attention to human resources all the time. We are committed to provide best training and opportunity for talented people, and ensure right people to be put in right position to exert their abilities. We consider talent as one of our most valuable assets. We believe that actively managing and developing these assets is a prerequisite for success. Read more…

Employee’s Life

Career experiences in CreateLED can be challenging and fun. We not only prepare different stages for our employees to get well-rounded training, but also offer opportunities for their self-development. We believe that to make employees actually enjoy every minute in CreateLED is the best stimulation for them to create great values. Read more…


Office Manager – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA July 2017

CreateLED is a global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance LED displays for indoor and outdoor use. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and operating in a global market, CreateLED is one of the nation's leading designers and...

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