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AirBLADE Product Overview

Transparent design, energy saving and environmental protection

CreateLED’s AirBLADE, fantasy vision. Adopt the creative day-shaped design, can be freely assembled into different shapes LED display for stage background, DJ, TV studio, fashion show and a variety of places that require easy installation, also applies to the building exterior.AirBLADE Transparent design, high resolution so that AirBLADE not only has a light, smoke, sound effects, and the picture quality is more clear,High hollow rate, air resistance is small, the use of air convection natural cooling, more energy saving, no air conditioning cooling, substantial savings in installation and operating costs, was born for the stage rental.

Transparent Design

Energy saving and environmental protection

AirBLADE Features

Light and Slim

Easy Maintenance

Widest Viewing Angle

The AirBLADE range boasts extra wide viewing angles, with exceptional picture quality from all directions.

Mechanically Precise

Our unique interlocking panel to panel connection ensures a completely seamless, mechanically uniform display.

Video Overview

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