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AirBANNER Product Overview

Ideal for High Definition Indoor LED Display Solutions 

CreateLED’s AirMAG LED display is particularly suited to high definition indoor applications. The high contrast ratio, superior colour fidelity and mechanical accuracy of the AirMAG range combine impeccably to form the ultimate high resolution indoor LED display. AirMAG is used extensively in the retail, broadcast, and entertainment industries and is available in a variety of pixel pitch options to suit all applications. AirMAG may be used for fixed or rental applications

Small Pixel Pitch
Big Screen

Light and Slim

AirBANNER Features

High Color Fidelity

Unsurpassed Colour Uniformity and Colour Fidelity

Front Serviceable

The AirMAG range is front and back serviceable.

Widest Viewing Angle

The AirMAG range boasts extra wide viewing angles, with exceptional picture quality from all directions.

Mechanically Precise

Our unique interlocking panel to panel connection ensures a completely seamless, mechanically uniform display.

Video Overview

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