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AirMAGLITE-R Specifications

AirMAGLITE-R (6.9)
Physical Pitch 6.9
Pixel Configuration SMD
Pixel Density 20736 pixel/m2
LED Module Dimensions (mm) 500 X 125
Panel Dimensions (W X H X D) (mm) 500 X 1000 X 68
Modules Per Panel (W x H) 1X8
Physical Resolution of Module (W x H) 72X18
Physical Resolution of Panel (W x H) 72X144
Weight Per Panel 8 kg/panel
Weight Per m² 16 kg/panel
Processing 14-16 bit
Colours 281 trillion
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Average Power Consumption 96 – 160 w/panel
Max Power Consumption 320w/panel
Working Temperature -20~50℃
Brightness 4000 nits
Refresh Rate 1920~3840 Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle 140°
Vertical Viewing Angle 120°
Expected Lifetime 100,000Hrs
Max Stacking 12 panels
Max Hanging 12 panels
Servicing Front and Back
IP Rating IP 65
Certification CE, EMC ClassA, RoHS

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